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Wordle #437 答案 Answer (30 Aug 2022)

提示 1:元音字母(A、E、I、O、U)有 2 個

提示 2:第一個字母是「 O 」

提示 3:是一個 名詞

提示 4:有「(指不愉快的事情)的開始、發作」的意思

Wordle #437 答案:Onset

.Meaning / Explanation 中文解釋 of Onset

< n >

= (指不愉快的事情)的開始、發作、the moment at which sth unpleasant begins

the onset of [ symptoms, illness, disease, fall, tanks, missiles, enemy ]

e.g. the onset of winter 冬季的開始

e.g. delay the onset of the disease 把疾病開始的時間延後

.Collocations 配搭 of Onset

< adj > rapid, sudden, acute, slow, early, delayed, late, gradual, initial

< v + onset > delay, prevent, mark, avoid

< preposition > after the onset, at the onset, before / prior to the onset, since the onset

< suffix >

= 表示「發病」、「起病」、(of an illness / medical condition) starting at the stated time / in the stated way

e.g. early-onset dementia 早發性失智

e.g. sudden-onset hearing loss 突發性聽力損失

參考字典:Cambridge Dictionary、Ozdic、WordReference

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