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Wordle # 422









Wordle #422 答案 Answer (15 Aug 2022)

提示 1:元音字母(A、E、I、O、U)有 2 個

提示 2:第一個字母是「P」

提示 3:是一個 名詞

提示 4:有「撲克牌遊戲」的意思

Wordle #422 答案:Poker

.Meaning / Explanation 中文解釋 of Poker

< n > [ U ] – 1

= 撲克牌遊戲、a game played with cards in which ppl try to win $ from each other

= a card game for two or more ppl, in which the players bet on the values of the cards they hold

< n > [ C ] – 2

= 撥火棍、火杵、a long, thin metal stick that you use to move around coal / wood in a fire so that it burns better

= a metal stick for moving / breaking up coal in a fire


1. poker face < n >

= 撲克臉、面無表情、an expression on yr face that X show what u’re thinking / feeling

e.g. He maintained a poker face

2. poker machine < n >

= 老虎機、a machine that u put coins into to play a game in which u win $ if particular pictures appear together on the screen

參考字典:Cambridge Dictionary、Ozdic、WordReference

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