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Medical Supplies and Equipment

# 詞彙

orthopedic wrist brace 腕關節矯正帶tongue depressor 壓舌板
stethoscope 聽診器 🩺rubber gloves 橡膠手套 🧤
neck brace / cervical collar 護頸圈syringe 注射器
throat swab 咽喉棉棒、拭子saline solution 生理食鹽水
blood pressure monitor 血壓計wheel chair 輪椅
COVID-19 rapid (antigen) test kit 新冠肺炎(抗原)快篩試劑forehead thermometer 額溫槍
pulse oximeter 血氧機;脈衝式血氧濃度器surgical mask 外科口罩
ethanol 乙醇;藥用酒精stretcher 擔架
automated external defibrillator (AED) 自動體外心臟(電擊)去顫器walker 助行器、步行器
crutch 拐杖ambulance 救護車
gauze 紗布first aid kit 急救包
elastic bandage 彈性繃帶thermometer 體溫計
bandage 繃帶ear thermometer 耳溫槍
adhesive bandage / Band-Aid 膠布medication 藥物
medical tape 醫用膠帶scissors 剪刀
cotton ball 棉球iodine solution 碘液
hydrogen peroxide solution 雙氧水dentist 牙醫
ear, nose and throat doctor 耳鼻喉科醫生emergency room 急診室
intensive care unit (icu) 加護病房nurse 護士
nurse’s station 護理站obstetrician 產科醫生
operating room 手術室patient 病人
paediatrician 兒科醫生 stretcher 擔架
surgeon 外科醫生waiting room 候診室
ward 病房blood transfusion 輸血
capsule 膠囊draw blood 抽血
pill(s) 藥丸syringe 針筒
tablet 藥片sling 三角巾
face mask 口罩mortar 缽
ointment 藥膏pestle 缽槌
tweezers 鑷子
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# 執行心肺復蘇與使用 AED – Performing CPR and using an AED

If you see someone experiencing cardiac arrest, what should you do?

Following these steps might save the person’s life:

01. Check to see if the person is conscious by calling out to them in a loud voice and tapping them on the shoulder or gently shaking them.
01. 大聲呼喚對方、輕拍對方的肩膀,或輕輕搖晃對方,確認對方是否清醒。

02. If the person doesn’t respond, shout for help and ask someone to call 000 immediately.
02. 如果此人沒有反應,請大聲呼救,並請人立即撥打 000。

If an AED is nearby, send someone to retrieve it.
如果附近有 AED,請派人去取。

AEDs are often kept in public places such as schools, offices, gyms and malls.
AED 通常存放在公共場所,例如學校、辦公室、體育館和商場。

03. In the meantime, start performing chest compressions.
03. 與此同時,開始進行胸部按壓。

If you are trained in CPR and comfortable performing rescue breathing, you may do so.

04. If the person remains unresponsive, turn on the AED and follow its audio prompts.
04. 如果此人仍然沒有反應,請打開 AED 的電源,並按照其語音提示進行操作。

Remove the person’s shirt and place the pads on their chest.

Do not touch the person while the AED is checking their heart rate and administering the electric shock.
當 AED 正在檢查他們的心率和執行電擊時,請勿觸摸此人。

05. If the person still doesn’t respond, continue performing CPR and following the audio prompts from the AED.
05. 如果此人仍然沒有反應,請繼續執行心肺復蘇,並按照 AED 的語音提示繼續進行操作。

Do this until the person responds or emergency rescuers take over.

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# Under the weather 身體不舒服

/ A New Patient Visit /

Benny walks up to the reception 接待處/服務檯 desk at a clinic near his house.

Receptionist 接待員: Hi. How may I help you today?

Benny: I’d like to make an appointment 預約 with the ENT doctor 耳鼻喉科醫生 (ear, nose, throat).

R: Certainly. And do you have your medical card?

B: Yep – here you are.

(The receptionist inserts 插入/嵌入 the card into the reader and checks the computer.)

R: Ah. Since this is your first visit to our clinic, I’ll give you a registration 登記/註冊 form to fill out 填寫(表格、文件).
(She passes him a clipboard 寫字夾板 with a form attached 附上、附加.)
Here you are.

B: Thanks.
(He fills in 填寫(表格、文件) the form and hands it back.)
Will there be a long wait?

R: No, it shouldn’t be too long. (She enters his information into the computer and prints out a number slip 號碼單.) Here’s your number, Please take a seat and wait until it’s called.

B: Thank you very much.

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/ An Assessment 評估 and Diagnosis 診斷 /

Benny’s number is called, and he enters the doctor’s office.

Doctor: Take a seat. What seems to be the problem?

Benny: My throat is quite sore and scratchy, and it hurts when I swallow. I don’t have a cough or a runny nose or anything like that, though, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a cold or the flu.

D: I see. And how long have you had these symptoms 症狀/徵兆?

B: They came on (疾病)開始發生 pretty quickly – I was feeling fine yesterday.

D: Ok. I’m just going to perform a quick examination.
(He feels Benny’s neck.)
Do you feel any sensitivity 敏感(性)、靈敏度 ?

B: Yes, that’s a little sore.

D: Hmm. Now open wide, please.
(Benny does so, and the doctor examine his throat.)
Yes, it looks like a mild case 輕微的病症、輕症 of strep throat 鏈球菌咽喉炎 – 會有喉嚨痛或吞嚥困難等症狀.

B: Is it anything to worry about?

D: Not al all. It’s a relatively common bacterial 細菌的 infection 感染/傳染病, and we’ll be able to clear it up 使(疾病、症狀等)消失、痊愈 with a short course of antibiotics 抗生素.
I’ll take a throat swab to confirm the diagnosis and then write you a prescription 處方藥.

B: Thank you very much.

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# 常見感冒症狀 Common Cold Symptoms

– cold 感冒

– dizziness 頭暈

– dizzy 頭暈

– cough 咳嗽

– headache 頭痛

– sore / scratchy throat 喉嚨痛 (scratchy – 腫痛的)

– stuffy nose / nasal congestion 鼻塞

– sneezing 打噴嚏

– fever 發燒

– stomachache 胃痛/肚子痛

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