Zootopia+|第三集:Duke the Musical

by 藍色小樹熊



Duke the Musical

Directed by: Trent Correy & Josie Trinidad

Produced by: Nathan Curtis

Story by: Josie Trinidad, Trent Correy, Michael Herrera

這一集的主角是被朱迪(Judy)用巨型冬甩逮捕的黃鼠狼先生(Duke Weaselton)。

三天兩頭就進警局都沒讓他感到羞愧,他更表示自己是「Duke of Weasel Town」,很有名的。可是,當廣場的大螢幕播放著他被捕的新聞時,眾人的嘲笑卻令他十分難堪。他躲進了一條小巷。


一開始他在路上偷走了山羊婆婆的銀包,他想像自己成為上班族、二手車推銷員、律師、販賣器官的醫生、暢銷作家、登陸月球 ⋯⋯ 等等,最後他選擇重新做人要把銀包還給山羊婆婆。


# 歌詞

When I was young
With the world at my feet
My future looked sweet and bright
I chose the wrong path
Which I’ve lived to regret
How can I set it right

What more could be waiting for me
Besides this small time crime spree

Do I start a life?
Get a new gig?
It’s time to dream big

Picture me sensibly dressed
A perfect employee
Selling used cars with a zest
The people enjoy me

Quick, plant your buns
I swear it runs
We don’t believe in refunds

Come see the weasel cause these will go fast
I’ll make it big time
From small time to big time

Big time

Oh what a feeling
Wheeling and dealing
Making it, making it big time

(Now you’re thinking through it)
(Hey you can do it)
(Go on and pursue it)

Laws were not always my friend
That was my journey
Could I protect and defend
As an attorney
Or as a surgeon with an urgent need to donate organs
Then I’d self publish my uplifting tale

How I went big time (Big Time)
From small time to big time
(1-800-POP-GOZ big time)
Big time
(Call the weasel, call the weasel)

Then you can all meet
The weasel of wall street
Making it, making it big time
(Making it, making it big)

Follow the guru
Now he’s a guru
Follow the guru Duke

I’ll teach you the power of now
If you buy a subscription

I could do a weaselly dig
Become a big tycoon
Then maybe I’ll shoot for the stars and end up on the moon

Here at the top looking down
I’m like a titan
Hand me a cape and a crown
Give me a triton
Loving my sleazy ol’ weaselly life

“Money, you complete me.”

“Your premiums are outrageous”
“You took my kidney.”
“This was a terrible car.”
“I lost my life savings.”
“I just plain don’t like you.”

When I was young
With the world at my feet
My future looked sweet and bright
Now I’ve gotta try to rectify
And choose to be a good guy

I’ll straighten up
And try not to stray
Starting today

And I’ll be big time (Big Time)
From small time to big time
(Gotta be a better weasel)
Big time

I’m sticking to it
No I can do it
Making it, making it big…

Big time


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