聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節 St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ : More Than Just a Party 不僅僅是一場派對

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聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節 St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ :

More Than Just a Party 不僅僅是一場派對

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday steeped in history and tradition, celebrated by millions of people around the world. Every year on March 17th, people around the world don green clothing, raise a glass of Guinness, and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)是一個充滿歷史和傳統的節日,全世界有數百萬人慶祝。每年的 3 月 17 日,世界各地的人們都會穿上綠色的衣服、舉起吉尼斯(Guinness)黑啤酒,慶祝聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)。

For many, it’s an opportunity to connect with their Irish heritage, while for others, it’s simply a fun excuse to don green clothing and enjoy some traditional Irish fare.

But beyond the parades and parties, what is the history and cultural significance of this holiday?

History and background of St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day 的歷史與背景

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday that celebrates the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. The holiday falls on March 17th each year and is celebrated in many countries around the world, especially in Ireland and among people of Irish descent.

聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)是一個文化和宗教節日,慶祝愛爾蘭的守護聖人聖帕特里克/聖派翠克(Saint Patrick)。這個節日在每年的 3月17日舉行,世界上許多國家都會慶祝這個節日,尤其是在愛爾蘭和愛爾蘭後裔中。

Saint Patrick was born in Britain in the 4th century and was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave when he was a teenager. He later escaped and became a priest, returning to Ireland as a missionary to convert the Irish people to Christianity. He is credited with using the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, and is also associated with driving snakes out of Ireland, although this is likely a metaphorical rather than literal interpretation.

聖帕特里克/聖派翠克(Saint Patrick)於公元 4 世紀出生於英國,十幾歲時被綁架到愛爾蘭為奴。他後來逃脫,並成為一名牧師,作為傳教士返回愛爾蘭,把基督教信仰帶到愛爾蘭。他因使用三葉草來解釋三位一體(Holy Trinity)—— 聖父、聖子和聖靈,而受到讚譽,也可能是與把蛇驅逐出愛爾蘭有關,儘管這些都可能是一個比喻性而非字面上的解釋。

St. Patrick’s Day began as a religious observance in Ireland, commemorating Saint Patrick’s death on March 17th. It was later made an official holiday in Ireland in the early 17th century, and by the 18th century had become a secular celebration of Irish culture and identity.

聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)起源於愛爾蘭的一個宗教紀念活動,紀念聖帕特里克/聖派翠克(Saint Patrick)於 3月 17日去世。在 17 世紀初期,它被定為愛爾蘭的官方假日;到 18 世紀,它已成為愛爾蘭文化和身份認同的世俗慶祝活動。

The holiday was brought to the United States by Irish immigrants in the 19th century, and has since become a major cultural event in many parts of the country. Parades, parties, and other festivities are common on St. Patrick’s Day, and the holiday has become associated with symbols such as the color green, shamrocks, and the Irish flag.

這個節日在 19 世紀被愛爾蘭移民帶到美國,自此成為移民社區的主要文化活動。在聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day),遊行、派對和其他慶祝活動很普遍、常見,這個節日已經與綠色、三葉草和愛爾蘭國旗等象徵物有聯繫在一起。

While St. Patrick’s Day is primarily associated with Ireland and Irish culture, it has become a global celebration of diversity and unity, and is observed by people of many different backgrounds around the world.

雖然聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)主要與愛爾蘭和愛爾蘭文化有關,但它已經成為一個全球慶祝多樣性和團結的節日,並受到世界上許多不同背景人士的關注和慶祝。

The cultural significance of St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day 的文化意義

The cultural significance of St. Patrick’s Day lies in its celebration of Irish identity and culture, both in Ireland and among people of Irish descent around the world. The holiday provides an opportunity for people to come together to celebrate their shared heritage and traditions.

聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)的文化意義在於它在愛爾蘭和世界各地的愛爾蘭後裔中慶祝愛爾蘭的身份和文化。這個節日讓人們有機會聚在一起慶祝他們共同的遺產和傳統。

In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a public holiday and is celebrated with parades, music, and other festivities. It is also a time for families and friends to gather and share a traditional Irish meal or attend religious services.

在愛爾蘭,聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)是公共假日,人們會通過巡遊、音樂和其他慶祝活動來慶祝。這也是家人和朋友聚在一起分享傳統愛爾蘭美食,或參加宗教儀式的時候。

Outside of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has become a major cultural event, particularly in countries with large Irish populations such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. Parades, parties, and other celebrations are held in many cities, and landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Niagara Falls are often illuminated in green to mark the occasion.

在愛爾蘭以外的國家,聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)亦已成為一項重大的文化活動,尤其是在愛爾蘭人口眾多的國家,如:美國、加拿大和澳洲等等。許多城市都會舉行巡遊、派對和其他慶祝活動,甚至在帝國大廈(Empire State Building)和尼亞加拉大瀑布(Niagara Falls)等地標、建築點亮綠色,以示紀念。

St. Patrick’s Day has also become associated with various symbols of Irish culture, including the shamrock, the color green, and traditional Irish foods such as corned beef and cabbage. Many people also wear green clothing or accessories on St. Patrick’s Day as a way of showing their Irish pride and celebrating their cultural heritage.

聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)也與愛爾蘭文化的各種象徵聯繫在一起,包括:三葉草、綠色和傳統的愛爾蘭食物,如咸牛肉和捲心菜(corned beef and cabbage)。許多人還會選擇在聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)當天穿綠色衣服或配飾,以此來展示他們的愛爾蘭自豪感和慶祝他們的文化遺產。

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the need to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a way that is inclusive and respectful of all cultures and traditions. Efforts have been made to promote diversity and unity, and to recognize the contributions of people from all backgrounds to the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

近年來,人們越來越意識到要以包容和尊重所有文化和傳統的方式,來慶祝聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)。努力促進多樣性和團結,並承認來自不同背景的人們對慶祝聖帕特里克節/聖派翠克節(St. Patrick’s Day)慶祝活動的貢獻。

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Celebrate and enjoy the holiday responsibly

>> Don’t drink and drive

If you plan on drinking alcohol, make sure to plan ahead and designate a sober driver, or use public transportation or ride-sharing services to get home safely.


>> Pace yourself when drinking

Drinking too much too quickly can lead to dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations. Make sure to drink water and eat food to help counteract the effects of alcohol.


>> Respect others and their property

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is all about having fun, but it’s important to be respectful of others and their property. Avoid rowdy or disruptive behavior, and clean up after yourself.


>> Celebrate inclusively

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish culture and heritage, but it’s important to celebrate inclusively and respect the cultures and traditions of others. Avoid cultural appropriation or offensive costumes, and celebrate in a way that promotes unity and diversity.


enjoy the holiday safely and without incident

raise a glass, enjoy some traditional Irish food

celebrate the holiday in a way that promotes unity, respect, and inclusivity

☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

☘️ 聖帕特里克節快樂 ☘️

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